Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Year One

I tried to figure out how I could somehow change the date of this post, try and make it a few months ago so I don't feel so badly about my blog neglect.Poor, little Leewards. I'm so sorry. I gave her a little make-over to try and make her feel better. Make-overs always make me feel better, anyways.

It's impossible to try and catch up on several months, so instead I thought I'd give a few reflections in honor of the most recent celebration in the Leach family, Gabby's first birthday.

Here's a list I'm entitling: "Thoughts From the First Year of Mommyhood"
  1. All-nighters with a baby are very different from college all-nighters or leading middle school all-nighters. There are a lot more messy clothes, stinky smells, and loud screams. Hmmm, on second thought, maybe it's not so different than a middle school all nighter. And Gabby was a lot cuter, so maybe I came out ahead with baby all-nighters.
  2. I never knew that watching someone breathe could be so entertaining.
  3. I fell in love with my husband even more watching him be a dad.
  4. I've realized that one of my favorite things in the whole world is watching someone learn something new for the first time. I get to experience this almost every day now. It's no overstatement to call it a miracle.
  5. You can never have too many Cheerios.
  6. I can't think of too many other people in the world who could puke all over me and I'm more concerned about their health than the puke on my shirt.
  7. There's no way I can ever thank my parents enough for all that they've done.
  8. I will never be able to figure out the intrigue of my iPhone, what makes Gabby want to eat it, and how she can find it anywhere within a 10 foot radius of her little body.
  9. Toys are interesting. The boxes that they come in are even more interesting.
  10. How can Gabby come from my body and not like chocolate milk?
I'll include a few pictures from her first birthday party. We did a theme of elephants, "Gabriella-phants" to be exact. I got to live out a life-long dream of cake decorating, and can't wait for future opportunities.

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The Hedden Family said...

I think it's hilarious that Gabby doesn't like chocolate milk. Remember when you visited and brought my boys chocolate milk and they didn't like it? They still don't, but I keep trying. It's just not right. Maybe we hogged so much of that gene that there was nothing left to pass on...